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When you fill out the online job application, your application enters a database of applications, sometimes called the automated applicant tracking system, or the online application repository. Most people know of it as the resume black hole. How many times have you heard of people filling out dozens or even hundreds of online applications without even getting one response back!

Automated systems sort and process the applications. If your application isn’t processed and brought to the top of the list of applications, it simply won’t even be reviewed by human beings.

The current hiring processes in America are broken. You need an unfair advantage just to get in the door.

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I’ve developed a system that will:

  • Start getting you interviews like crazy
  • Dramatically cut down your time to get re-hired
  • Put you in the real hiring process
  • Keep your resume out of the Black Hole
  • Make the current hiring system work for you
  • Discover the inside people that will get your resume to the hiring managers
  • Uncover the REAL jobs
  • Tap Into the Hidden Job Market
  • Get your resume through the automated filters
  • Get your resume past the human gate-keepers
  • Actuate your personal Job funnel
  • Light up your resume with Power and Impact statements
  • Turbo-charge your networking
  • Help you easily create your personal one-minute power ad
  • Teach you to use social networks to glean job leads
  • Enhance your job network and make real inroads at job fairs
  • Help you ace the cover-letter
  • Teach you how to keep your personal portfolio brimming

The system is simple

I have watched it work for many, many people. I have refined it over time to be streamlined and so effective that you only needed to spend an hour or two per day using it.

The rest of the time, you would spend getting ready for interviews and taking care of things at home and with my family.

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Here’s why it works:

There are only three things you need to make it work.

1. Your laptop or access to a computer. You can do this anywhere, from your home, from Starbucks, or even from the library, it really doesn’t matter.

2. A telephone. You will need a cell phone or access to a telephone.

3. Fifteen minutes per day to plan your activities, and one to two hours of uninterrupted, focused time to execute on your plan.

It is really that simple. But it takes an everyday effort. If you aren’t willing to spend time everyday (except Sundays), then you won’t be successful with this method, or any other for that matter.

Each week you will likely have interviews. You really aren’t even getting to first base until you get to the interview.

Every day you will have actionable things to do to get you closer to your goal of getting hired.

In a minute, I’m going to tell you exactly what my system is, and why it works, but first I want to give you a little background information that may get rid of some of your concerns, and blow apart some of the myths that you have been taught.

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Why This Is Important To You

While out of work I read hundreds of books telling me how to create resumes, how to use social media, how apply for jobs, and how to spend hundreds of hours chasing possible employment.

Every guru and expert said they had the solution to getting me hired, and had example after example of those who had found jobs from their advice.

I tried everything! The job boards, my friends and neighbors, even temporary agencies.

I filled out job applications from morning till night.

Using the advice in the books that I read, I adapted to each job application, I changed my resume (I have over 500 revisions of that one document alone), cover letters (each one designed individually for one specific job), and research information on every company that I was interested in.

I submitted resumes—dozens or more every week. I rarely received even one response.

In shear desperation, I started following up on the resumes that I had sent out.

Through contacting each company and following up on my resume, I began to piece together what was happening to my resume and that of everyone else.

I began to understand why the hiring systems in America are broken, and why most job applicants are literally sending their resumes into black holes.

Have you ever felt like your application was disappearing into the deepest black hole in the receiving company’s computer system?

Well the truth isn’t much different from that. Your information gets to their systems, but never, ever, comes out again.

I was furious about what I was finding. The issue wasn’t about my resume, it wasn’t about the competition, it wasn’t even about the recession or the lack of jobs.

The entire system is broken. It is stacked against the applicant.

My resume was getting to them, but no one was looking at it.

Even when my credentials were perfect for the job—no one was looking at my application.

Why weren’t they looking at my application?

There had to be a way to make this work—there were always some people being hired! Why weren’t they calling me?

I researched every resume I had sent the earlier months. I started to craft a system based on what I had learned.

I started using the system every day.

I began to tweak the system based on results and actual practice, not theory, not hearsay, but real actual practice. I gathered information and I tried different approaches.

Then refine that system until I had something that worked again and again.

I went from no interviews for weeks to interviews most every day.

When I finally selected a job, I had a number of offers to choose from, and, when the unlikely happened, and I got laid off again—I was able to pick up one of those offers that I had turned down in the past.

My job search went from 6 months to under three weeks (it took almost three weeks to get the job re-opened and get me hired).

I have shared this system with numerous people. They have had similar success, even those who, like me had filled out hundreds of applications with nothing to show for it.

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Here is what they had to say:

“I was getting nowhere fast. I attended a class that they provided for us when we were let go. The company paid over $500 per person to send us to the class, and it was informative and gave me some basic information about filling out resumes and looking for work. I got more out of your book than from their entire class. I hadn’t had a single interview, until I did what you said. Thank you for helping me get back on my feet.” Daryle from Washington


“Your perspective helped me the most. You have been there and know what it is like. I have read some other books, and they are written by experts that it is obvious have never filled out a job application before. I was finally able to put the pieces together, that really helped me get my job.” Tony From Utah


“I didn’t know how many of the jobs on the Internet just aren’t real. I had applied for so many of them, wasting so much time. When I applied for my first REAL job, and made arrangements for a follow up, I was hired right away.” Janet from Utah

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Why This One is Different

There are a number of other courses out there and a lot of advice from those who have a job about how to get one. But most of it is based on what used to work five or ten years ago, before the recession started, before all of the companies started the Apply Online business, and before their databases were gorged with applicants.

Most other methods are based on the following:

1. The Swing Till You Hit The Ball Method. Many gurus teach that it is a numbers game. Apply so many times, and eventually you will get a hit. There may be some truth to that method, but the number and breadth the offers that don’t really have any substance behind them will make you discouraged after a little while.

You won’t be able to put the needed effort into each new application, and you will probably do a poor job on the ONE that you might have gotten because you have just made it an assembly line to get out as many applications as possible. This didn’t work for me, and I haven’t seen it working for anyone else, but it is the most common advice, even from friends and neighbors.

2. The Networking Approach. Hit up all of your friends and neighbors. See if any of them have a job for you. I have seen this work on occasion, but after a while people start avoiding you.

Don’t get me wrong, the more people you have out there looking for you, the better off you will be. And, the old adage that it isn’t WHAT you know, but WHO you know, goes a long ways when it comes to getting a job.

I have had a number of interviews because I knew the right person. Unfortunately, the jobs that were open weren’t the right ones for me. Just knowing someone in the company doesn’t guarantee you a position, or even an interview.

3. Using the Job Boards. Simply Hired, Monster, The Ladders, etc. These are great resources. However, the data that I have seen, shows that only about 4% of jobs are filled from the big job boards. I applied for lots of jobs on these boards, and didn’t hear back from most of the applications. Maybe you will do better.

4. Using Company Job Postings. Each company has its own internal job board. Follow the ones that you are interested in. However, many of the jobs are hired before they end up on the job board. It is company policy to post the jobs, but most of them have an internal person that will be promoted into the job of interest, then the new openings will all be entry level openings.

Contrast that to my way.

You do a little research.

When you find a lead, you also discover who the right person is to follow up that lead with at the company.

You do a little fact finding, and with a phone call to the right person, you discover if the position is still available, what the most important qualifications are for the job, and get an agreement for a time to follow up after submitting the application.

Once you know that you have a real job, then you need to use every step in the book to insure that your application, resume, and cover-letter will have exactly what it needs to make it to the hiring manager’s desk.

There is no more wasted time in submitting applications that will never be looked at.

The steps to get past the human and automated filters and directly to the hiring managers is outlined completely—but none of that matters if you aren’t applying for a job that someone is really hiring for.

This contains the missing pieces that most people never get right.

People get hired with this information, because it separates doing real things to get hired from just being busy applying for jobs.

I am so sure that you will benefit from every page in this book, that I am making you a crazy offer.

Purchase the book, read it and start putting into practice the steps. If you don’t get an interview in the first week of using my system, then ask for a refund. I will return every penny, and you can keep the book and the bonuses. I get all of the risk, and you get all of the opportunity.

I am willing to go out on a limb for this because I know that it works, and I know what it is like. I would do anything to help someone else out of the hole that I found myself in just a few short years ago.

Take the step that will turn around your job search now, and forever. You deserve this kind of success, and it is so attainable when you do it right.

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If you are finally ready for a better online job application experience, then learn the little known secrets that actually get people hired, that help them burst past the automated and human filters to get interviews and job offers like crazy.

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Job Search Handbook

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A Professional Approach To Resumes and Cover Letters

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Legitimate Online Jobs





Yes, Dean give me the Job Search Laws eBook and the valuable 4 eBook bonus package worth $120.49 for only $27. I understand that this includes your iron clad guarantee. If I am not seeing tons more interviews and still not getting job responses, after implementing the job search laws job search rules, I can get a full refund for the next 60 days.



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