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Are you applying for jobs online?

How Many Great Jobs Have You Let Slip By This Week?

How many online job applications have you filled out without getting any response from the employer? What if I could guarantee a response to every online job application you filled out? Would that save you a lot of time and frustration? Would it cut your job search time down considerably? Would it take away all of the present worry about making ends meet and paying the bills?

How To Get Job Application Responses

Most every job now days requires an online job application. But, once your application is filled out, chances are you never hear from the employer again. All that means is that the job application filters were able to keep your application from bubbling to the top of the list of “most qualified applicants.” It doesn’t mean the company doesn’t want you, or that there are hundreds of other people applying for the job that are more qualified than you. It only means that the filters did their job, they filtered your application OUT. All you really need to breakthrough these filters is the secret to knowing what the automated systems are looking for, and how to make sure that your application has it. Know this, you absolutely need to have exactly what the applicant tracking system is looking for in the application, or your application doesn’t stand a chance.

Have you ever done a Google search where you typed in what you thought would be a good search term to find some product or service, just to get back pages of stuff that you weren’t interested in at all? Did you find that if you changed the wording just a little, that suddenly the pages were full of just what you were looking for? Well, these automated systems use similar technology to pull up the “best candidates.” If your application doesn’t have exactly the right keywords and phrases, and isn’t in this select group, then no human eyes will even see your resume!

Human speech varies from person to person. If your application were being reviewed by a real person, they would probably understand the variations in how you explain your qualifications, but it isn’t being viewed by a person, it is being scanned by an automated system that only recognizes exactly what it was programmed to find. If it doesn’t find that in your application, you are just out of luck. Sorry Charley, the boat is leaving without you!

You can change that immediately and very quickly. Although it may seem impossible to know exactly what the automated system is looking for, it really can be discovered and exploited. We have investigated the automated systems from the inside out.We have followed job applications from inception to acceptance or rejection, and understand the process perfectly.

What we discovered is shockingly simple, but mind-blowingly effective. We have a step-by-step system that will get your job application right where it needs to be, in front of the hiring managers. Everything you need to know can be acquired in a half hour of reading. It can be implemented in fifteen to twenty minutes. That is less time than it takes to fill out even one online job application!

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The rules have been changing in the competitive job market. In order to compete and win you must adapt how you find a job, how you prepare your resume, and your methods for pursuing the job as well. Just applying for a job and hoping for the best does not work anymore. The new online job-application systems instantly dehumanize your resume and job application making it essential to know the rules to get your application out of the system and in front of people who schedule interviews and make job offers.

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Pickup your copy of the Job Search Laws Now! The job hunting world has changed dramatically, but now you have the opportunity to understand those changes and propel yourself into the new job you need and desire. It all starts by learning the simple rules and laws from Job Search Laws!

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Job Search Handbook

A Professional Approach To Resumes and Cover Letters

A Professional Approach To Resumes and Cover Letters

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Legitimate Online Jobs





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